BTG/Build:It Trade Off – Who Gets Your Vote?

Did you see the Trade Off series on our Facebook Group? 20 trades came forward to take part in the Podcast Series with Andy Stevens – but who will be voted the Top Trade?

You can catch up with the individual podcasts below – and check in on the Group for the voting options, who will win the £500 prize – huge thanks to our sponsors Wienerberger! – and the very first BTG/Build:It Top Trade Trophy?

Week One – Electrician Danny steps up to the plate and answers the call to find the BTG Top Trade, is a spark going to win it? Have a listen and make your choice!

Week Two – A proper trade!! Rob throws his trowel in the ring for the brickies, is his site story funny enough to get your vote, check it out here!

Week Three – Can a top tiler be the Top Trade? Listen to Isa’s podcast to make your mind up!

Week Four – This trade has been slated by all the others so far – does decorator Antony stand a chance of coming out on top? Make your own mind up, anyone can sling a paintbrush around, but does that make you a decorator worthy of the Top Trade Trophy? Listen here!

Week Five – Can a multitrade come out on top? Depends which one, could it be Rachel? Tell us what you think, some of her quick fire answers certainly pushed the boundaries!

Week Six – We can’t believe it’s taken until week six for a carpenter to step forward! Neal has an, erm, interesting?!? site story, take a listen here.

Week Seven – Spreads, the only trade to take their work home with them, usually splattered all over their clothes! But can Steve win it for the plastering community? Make your mind up after you’ve listened to his chat with Andy!

Week Eight – Who let the DIYer in? Trev might have the chat, but surely he can’t be a contender for Top Trade!

Week Nine – Another multi-trade – they know a bit of everything, but surely that doesn’t make them Top Trade? Have a listen – can John convince you otherwise?

Week Ten – We’re at the halfway point, and another multi-trade is here to have a go for the £500 and the Top Trade Trophy. But can Martyn carry it home? He’s got the chat, but has he got the know-how? You decide!

Week Eleven – This week it’s the turn of another decorator to convince us there is so much more to their trade than any of us thought! But what do you think? Have a listen to Trevor here.

Week Twelve – just like buses, you wait weeks for a decorator and then two come along at once! Will Gordon get your vote? Just an advisory – don’t listen with the kids around!

Week Thirteen – We can’t believe this is only the second bricky to come on the show – Matt is confident he’s one of the best, but what’s with the tea? Listen to the end and look out for the voting post on the Group!

Week Fourteen – Is being a labourer a trade? Maybe not, but could we do without them? Have a listen to Antony and tell us what you think!

Week Fifteen – Nick the spark is fighting back! But can you really vote for an Electrician to be Top Trade? His chat with Andy is still worth a listen, just to be sure he doesn’t deserve your vote!

Week Sixteen – Another multi-trade – Andy puts forward his case for why a multi should be top trade! You can’t vote for him, but you can listen to Trev put him through his paces here!

Week Seventeen – Finally a plumber joins the fray – is Iain good enough to be Top Trade?

Week Eighteen – We’re almost at the end of the series – and we’ve got a landscaper telling us he should be Top Trade! Is Phillip good enough to take home the trophy and the £500 prize? Listen to his podcast and let us know!

Week Nineteen – The penultimate podcast and we have another landscaper! He’s pretty much at the top of his game, but does that make him the BTG/Build:It Top Trade?

Week Twenty – The final offering for the series – and it’s a carpenter, but has he saved the best till last? Have a listen to Dave’s chat with Andy and then cast your vote!

So what do you think? Who gets your vote? Get over to Builders’ Talk Group on Facebook and let us know who should lift the BTG/Build:It Top Trade Trophy!!!

Once again a massive thank you to the sponsors, Wienerberger for the prize!

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