Covid-19 Guidelines – Links to Industry Information

We appreciate that finding the right information at the moment is difficult. So much is unclear and the situation seems to change daily. So we have compiled a set of links below to the sites that contain the information relevant to our sector, with the most up-to date information available.

For the link to the full 50 page government document, published on the 11th May 2020 – CLICK HERE

For safe working practices at work – Read the UK Government document on working safely in other people’s homes

For general government guidance on frequently asked questions – Visit the government website for frequently asked questions

For construction specific advice throughout the UK – Build UK working with the CLC have brought together the information you might need

If you need support from the CITB, they have a support page here – CITB Coronavirus updates

For mental health support, information and advice, as always, the Lighthouse Club is ready to help.

For medical help and advice on Covid-19 check out the NHS Website

If you need more information, or believe something is wrong, please email us at [email protected]

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