Eazymix Advent Giveaway!

Fancy a chance of winning some Eazymix gear during the month of December?

Every day from the 1st December Eazymix will be giving away a range of prizes. Prizes will consist of free products, Eazymix merchandise and a main prize including a top of the range Karnox Pro gaming chair.

Winners will be drawn at random every day from the 1st December.

Entrants must provide their contact details on our contact page www.eazymix.co.uk/contact before the 1st December to be entered into the competition.

This giveaway is solely managed by Eazymix and their representatives. All draw winners will be contacted direct by Eazymix and prizes will be sent out by them. Builders Talk Group®️accepts no responsibility or liability for the draw or prize distribution.

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