Emotional Corona-Coaster?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a shock to us all. Leaving no-one unaffected. All our mental health is taking a hit through the lack of certainty we are all feeling, both in our working and private lives. How are you coping?

Have you had to re-adjust your expectations? Of your business, your employees, your family’s needs, even your customers? It’s been a re-evaluation for many, just to keep their heads above water. We know the term has been well used, but we really are in an unprecedented situation. Leaving many of us not sure how to cope, other than by taking a day at a time.

The last year has been tricky for all of us to negotiate, and even with the positive effect of the vaccine, being rolled out at a much faster rate than any of us anticipated, it is difficult to see when we will return to some sort of normal life. So we’ve put together a few resources from some of our friends, as well as outside agencies, to help you keep it together through the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Our business coach, Jon Dale, of Small Fish Business Coaching, made a video last year, which we think is still relevant, you can watch it here –

If you’d like to speak to Jon about growing your business you can book a 10 minute chat with him by clicking here – all socially distanced, of course!

If you think you need some guidance on dealing with your mental health, take a look at the Mental Health Aware UK Survirus Kit here – https://mhauk.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Survirus-Kit.pdf. It’s full of useful tips on how to keep yourself mentally well.

For further support, as always, you can contact the Lighthouse Club Charity, who can offer financial support in times of crisis, their helpline is 0345 605 1956.

Financial support for self employed construction workers,

Creating a Covid safe workspace,

Working in other peoples homes,

For more General Government Guidance, including travel, schools and what you should be doing during lockdown, click here.

We are all going through the ups and downs of this, some days we can deal with it, some days we can’t, but together we can all get through.

This situation won’t last forever, once day, we will all look back and say “Remember the pandemic?” and give a wry smile. Perhaps we’ll talk about stockpiled loo roll and pasta. How we all wore masks and clapped for carers. The fabulous summer weather that made it all easier to bear. Captain Sir Tom’s 100 laps of his garden and the bailout package.

Hopefully we will remember how we managed to pull together, the community spirit, helping the people around us and trying to keep our kids entertained in the seemingly never ending home schooling. How our NHS worked tirelessly to help the many people affected by the virus. But we will get through it, as long as we can #keeptalking! The BTG family is always ready to listen, you can join us by registering on the website, and become a member of our Facebook Group.

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