How Do You Protect Your Tools?

We see repeated posts on the Van Security Talk Group asking how people can best protect their vans against tool theft. The most frustrating thing about this issue is that it is not a problem with a single ‘fix’ – instead people often find that the addition of slam locks will not protect them against the van being cut open, or that a tool vault doesn’t stop the thieves peeling open the doors to take a look inside.

We were asked recently to give an interview about the issues around tool theft as we saw them, as well as some of the members on the group, by Commusoft for their business blog. They spoke to many other sources to compile the interview which helps to further highlight the problem we are currently facing.

You can read the full article here What you Don’t Know About Tool Theft – And 10 Tips To Decrease Your Risk do you have any other ways that you’ve protected your van? We would love to know your opinions on the most successful methods out there.

If you fancy it, there is also a quiz How Safe Are Your Tools? it only takes a minute to complete, you might pick up some new ideas!

And, of course, we still need as many people as possible to sign Lee Watts’ petition, the more of us that stand together the better our chance of being heard!

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