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At Simply Insure we have many years’ experience providing the highest quality financial protection products (Life Insurance / Income Protection / Critical Illness) to a wide range of clients for all occupations. We strive to be the best, we won’t confuse you with financial jargon or quote you unaffordable premiums but instead be clear and precise in our advice and also make sure premiums are competitive and affordable.

Simply Insure is a UK Company, regulated by the FCA to ensure we operate at the highest level and also provide you with added protection. We believe that you work far too hard to suffer financial detriment in the event of being off work due to an injury or sickness and therefore have the solution to protect you and your family at a time you need it most.

Simply Insure is delighted to announce that we will be a proud sponsor of ‘Builders’ Talk Group’, and as a result, we will ensure that you will receive the most comprehensive cover at the most competitive prices for all of our protection products.

What is Income Protection?

Protect your finances in the event of being unable to work due to sickness or injury. You can cover up to 65% of your salary if you’re employed or 65% of your profit if you’re self-employed. Having to take time off work due to incapacity can have a significant effect on your finances so income protection insurance should be a priority. The policies we offer provide a TAX FREE WEEKLY INCOME until you are able to return to work, this is also paid on top of any benefits you may be due.

Many of the policies we provide pay out from the first day off work sick or injured, this means no long waiting periods before you start seeing the benefit of your policy. If you are lucky enough to receive sick pay from your employer our policies can kick in when this ends. As long as you are unable to carry out your normal job you will receive a tax-free weekly income until you are fit enough to go back to work. We provide cover for all people and occupations ranging from office workers to construction workers.

What if I claim?

If you claim on your policy, payments will continue until you are fit enough to return to your own job even if this takes years. Individual claims can pay out for 2 or 5 years or even potentially right up until age 70 if required. You can also claim on all of our policies multiple times right up until retirement. There is also no excess to pay on a policy and your policy won’t increase if you do make a claim.

What do you cover?

Our policies cover all illnesses and injuries, as long as you are unable to carry out your own job you will be covered, this even applies to STRESS, BACK PROBLEMS & VIRUSES. If your doctor signs you off as being unfit to work, then your policy will pay out.

Do you already have cover?

If you have already bought insurance and would like to review your existing cover to make sure you have the most comprehensive cover at the most competitive price please get in touch with our friendly team. ‘If your paperwork doesn’t have ‘Simply’ on it, you’re probably paying too much!’

Below are some statistics which put the importance of Income Protection in to perspective, there is also a short minute video which will also show you the how this policy works.

UK Accident & Sickness Statistics
There were 31.2 million working days lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016/17*
Stress, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health*
Long term incapacity is the one of the leading causes of financial hardship*
Many employed people are only entitled to Statutory Sick Pay which currently £92.05 per week
The self employed are only entitled to Earning and Support Allowance which is only £73.10 per week (If you qualify which is getting harder)
* Stats from the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

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