Struggling with your Work/Life balance?

Being self employed you very rarely switch off, evenings and weekends are taken up with paperwork, quoting for the next job, ringing round organising other trades, emailing clients – it just never ends. Even on holiday you find yourself fielding calls and thinking about how everything is going to fit together….and that will probably never change. But what if we thought there was an app that might help to make all those things take a bit less time and streamline them all into one place so that you could have everything stored in one place and then accessed from, say, your smartphone?  
Powered Now for the Trade Industry
Powered Now are a software company dedicated to the trade industry. We know that the arrival of smartphones has the power to hugely simplify paperwork for builders, gas engineers, electricians and many other trades. It’s our sole mission to make that a practical reality.
The paperwork nightmare
Paperwork is the bane of the lives of builders, particularly when they are running smaller companies. In general, most people who start trade companies are better with their hands than with administration, and they generally hate paperwork. The freedom that running your own trade company brings can be both profitable and liberating, but this can be spoiled by long evenings writing quotes and issuing invoices.
The opportunity to improve
Screen based smartphones are the fastest adopted consumer device in the history of the world. Ten years after the iPhone arrived, billions of similar phones have been sold and around half of the world’s population has one. That means they are increasingly familiar to everyone.
With their unique combination of ease of use, power and mobility, smartphones hold the key to ending the paperwork nightmare. Powered Now is focused on this. Run by entrepreneurs who have previously built software products used by tens of thousands of small businesses and backed by one of the UK’s richest and most successful entrepreneurs, Powered Now is already solving the paperwork problem for thousands of trade businesses.
The benefits
The average trade company owner saves around three hours a week by using Powered Now. They also report many other benefits including being paid faster, providing information to their accountant more easily, winning more business, seeing where their team is and generally being more in control.
The nitty gritty of how it is done
We all know some of the outrageous claims that are made in advertising. Powered Now always back up their claims with an explanation of how their benefits are achieved.
Powered Now let’s you run your business from a smartphone, a tablet, your mac or your PC. The smartphone and tablet work even when there is no signal. Everything automatically synchronises together and is backed up to the cloud. You can break, lose or be robbed of your device and no information is lost. If you have someone doing admin in an office, that works fine too.
You only ever have to type things in once and even that is made as simple as possible. The customer name, number and email can be copied from your address book and the full address can be looked up from the postcode. After you have your customer details stored, you never have to enter them again. That’s a lot less typing or writing. Quotes and invoices can be done on site or outside in your van. VAT and other calculations are worked out automatically. Quotes can look highly professional with minimum effort and can be sent by email and texted or printed. A quote can be turned into an invoice with a single click. You are automatically told when a quote has been opened and accepted or rejected. All of this helps to win more business as well as saving time.
Your team are tracked on a map and instructions are always available to the team to tell them where to go and what to do. The time spent at an appointment is recorded. Team chat enables everyone to communicate with each other, all within the app. This enables your team to run more efficiently.
The bottom line
Powered Now is one of several software companies helping builders with their paperwork. Powered Now has a host of real benefits that can be easily realised, has the largest customer base, the widest management experience and the most financial firepower. You should take a look. Click on our link to find out more
Make your own mind up, have a look at their website, see what you think.


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