The Tool Register – Make Stolen Tools Too Hot to Handle!

Ever had tools stolen from your van? That sick feeling when you come out to the work van and find it’s not locked, there’s a hole in the door or the door has been peeled open?

Tool theft continues to be a major issue for trades up and down the country, costing us £100 million a year to replace our stolen tools, not to mention the impact on our ability to earn for our families and the effect on our mental health. Tool theft from vans can happen anywhere – overnight on the drive, when you’ve gone to the builders merchant, even just nipping in the sarnie shop.

The ability to track stolen tools is as difficult as ever – many are unmarked and just disappear into the second hand tool market through car boot sales or online selling apps.

Add to that the fact that many tradespeople have different branded tools, so that even if there are security features built in, gps/bluetooth tracking, tool disabling features, or added rfid, tracker devices, owner identifying marks etc, these as a stand alone solution are limited in their effectiveness.

This is where the Tool Register becomes important. Developed by uWatch Ltd and available to download for both Android and iOS devices, the Tool Register is where you can upload every tool you need to protect, along with it’s serial numbers, identifying marks and purchase receipts. It’s free to record 2 tools, use dodgy gear (a stolen tools register), report suspicious vehicles in your area and report stolen tools on the app – a feature not currently available to the user on any other app of this kind.

We see way too many posts on our Facebook Groups of our members losing their tools to thieves, with the chance of getting them back non-existent. The negative impact this has on so many of us is obvious, livelihoods can be ruined, with people leaving the trades because of it, family life breaking down because of the stress caused and tradespeople feeling on the edge, with no support to get them back to work. Tool theft is damaging lives.

We believe that the Tool Register can help to remove the market for stolen tools, if there’s no market, then the thieves will stop ripping open vans for what’s inside. Download the app – register for your free account, let’s start making our community stronger! Tell them BTG sent you and let’s start looking out for each other’s tools!

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