uWatch – Keeping an Eye on Your Tools!!!

Tool theft is a huge problem for all of us. Here at BTG we are constantly looking at new ways of helping to keep your tools safe. That’s the only way we can protect our livelihood and our ability to earn for our families. So how do you keep your tools safe when they are in the van? Extra locks? Maybe you have a tool vault? Or perhaps you have security tags on your tools? How about a bit of kit that sends you an alert to your mobile phone as soon as someone opens your van? Or even better, a photo!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to the people at uWatch about their cube, which does exactly that. 

We all know that tool theft from vans is epidemic!

Want to catch the criminal’s red handed?

Want the best van contents insurance policy?

 uWatch are working with the Police, BTG & Trade Direct Insurance to protect against tool theft. Why be the next victim? Get a Cube and help catch these thieves.

  • Police approved under “Secured by Design”
  • 12 months roaming SIM & 12 months warranty
  • No monthly charges, all data included
  • Tool picture and serial number “asset register”
  • Use right out of the box, 10-minute set up
  • Technical support & installation assistance
  • Infrared night camera
  • GPS tracking, Bluetooth, movement and shock sensors
  • Totally portable, instantly re-deployable
  • uWatch warning stickers
  • Insurance company approved (discount available)

Usual Retail Price of £350……BTG members exclusive price of £250, inc VAT + free delivery!

To get your exclusive BTG discount enter “BTG100” at checkout.

Van Stickers – 2 supplied with each Cube sold

What is a Cube and how does it work?

The uWatch cube is a totally portable, battery or mains powered, instantly deployable security device that works at any location. It includes a roaming “cross network” SIM and sends real time notifications to your smart phone, typically within 30 seconds.

The Cube will detect anyone in your van using a combination of shock and movement sensors. A date and time stamped photo will be taken and sent with the notification to your phone, all without the thief knowing.

  • If your van is being stolen, you can switch on the GPS in the cube, from your smart phone, to track it.
  • Move the Cube easily from your van to your garage/shed or even put it in your tool bag on site.
  • Whether your van is parked outside your home, on site or in a hotel/store car park you will have the peace of mind that your van is being monitored.
  • The Asset List function of the app stores date and time stamped images of the owner’s tools up in the cloud. This includes serial numbers and pictures of receipts. This function is also used to inform the Insurance Company what is being covered.
  • You can add Bluetooth shock tags to your cube for extra security. If you attach a tag to the inside of the driver’s door handle and the handle is used, the tag will move prompting an alert to be sent to your phone.
  • The Cube comes with the uWatch app and access to the user’s web page. Here you can remotely configure the cube to suit various applications and save these for future use. E.g. You can turn on the GPS tracking from your smart phone


uWatch is working with Trade Direct Insurance to provide the ultimate cover against tool theft. If you purchase a cube you will be provided with a code which will allow you to get a 15% discount off your insurance policy. After receiving the code, you can follow this link to get a quote https://www.tradedirectinsurance.co.uk/Tools-Insurance-Online.aspx or call 08000 280 380.

Please visit www.uwatch.co.uk to purchase your kit and have full peace of mind, don’t forget to enter BTG100 at checkout for your discount code to be applied.

Don’t forget to sign the Tool Crime Deserves Time Petition too!!!

2 thoughts on “uWatch – Keeping an Eye on Your Tools!!!

  • Ben Croft
    11th March 2019 at 10:23 am

    Superb pice of kit
    Definitely give me peace of mind that if an intruder decided to look in my van I would have a good clear image of them

    • Liz Gribbin
      19th March 2019 at 1:36 pm

      Thanks for the review Ben, it’s good to know the Cube has given you some peace of mind when the van is parked up!

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