Looking at Additional Van Security? Take a Look at WolfElec Deadbolt Kits.

WolfElec Ltd have been in the car industry for over 45 years. Initially a pioneer in automotive rustproofing and car sunroofs, then developing the first aftermarket central door locking kits. Since then the company has grown massively and exports around the world. WolfElec is a family run business with 3 generations of the family working here and we pride ourselves on our customer service, as well as our knowledge of our business.

We specialise in bespoke vehicle systems such as electrical security bolts, alarms, remote entry systems, central locking and electric windows upgrades. Our aim as a company is to give high end service with the best and most reliable products on the market to help van users keep their tools safe, using advanced technology to do so.

Our #1 priority is keeping the customer happy and keeping their tools safe. This is why we are continually developing our system and making them easier to install. We are also developing a network of auto-electrical engineers who can fit our kits, if you would prefer.

We offer a different type of security system for your vans that won’t break the bank but without compromising quality. Our motor driven actuators are made in Switzerland by a leading supplier to car manufacturers and out bolt is 13mm diameter stainless steel. It won’t rust and is much tougher than normal steel.

WolfElec Deadbolt System fitted in various van doors.

How our bolts work: Our bolts can be operated using a master key switch or with a remote fob. Using our Swiss made motors, the bolt is engaged into the internally fitted bracket, on the body of the vehicle. We use anything from a 3mm to a 20mm receiver block, depending on where in the vehicle it is to be fitted to ensure the thief can’t open the door. The flexibility of our system means that you can choose where to fix the bolts, whether mounted high or low on the doors. On high roof vans you can even have two bolts per door, one top and one bottom, as we have found that this set up is the best way of securing your door. Because our bolts are completely invisible from the exterior of the vehicle, potential thieves have no idea where the target point on the vehicle may be, which is the downside to the normal manual exterior key switch operated lock which can then become a target point for a skilled thief to overcome.

As our system is fully electric and you can still use an existing alarm in conjunction with our bolts. Keeping our bolts independent of the factory locking system is important. Many thieves know how to overcome factory central locking and so the bolts should not unlock with them. This offers any extra layer of high security protection.

We get asked many different questions about our system, and so here are a few of the most common ones;

Q. Do you offer fitting?

A. As the manufacturer we supply every kit with a fitting guide and templates, as we do not have an in-house installation service, however we do have fitters that we recommend across the UK. If we don’t have anyone in your area, then a local reputable auto-electrician should be able to fit our system unless you wish to install it yourself.

Q. Are you VAT registered?

A. Yes we are. All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery (to mainland UK).

Q. How long have you been selling these kits?

A. We have been selling these for over 10 years. The original design was developed for ‘Cash in Transit’ vans. We then adapted the design to suit commercial vehicles.

Q. Do your kits actually stop people from breaking in?

A. Over the last 10 years, we have had a huge amount of feedback from customers telling us how our kit has stopped someone trying their luck at getting in. If installed correctly, our system has a very good track record with protecting the cargo area of your van.

Q. Why should I choose your kit?

A. We believe in only offering the best on the market. Our motors and control relays are all OEM parts. Electrical deadbolts are the next step in security for your van. The fact that there is no point of attack visible from the outside makes it very difficult for the thief to gain access to your cargo area. Our system is backed up by a great team at WolfElec with after sales care and technical help being our main priority.

Q. What add-ons do you offer with your bolts?

A. We have numerous options but to keep things simple these break down into four tiers:

• Tier 1: Our bolts are operated from a centralised key switch (this is perfect for if you already have a aftermarket alarm),

• Tier 2: Our bolts are operated from a high security remote control fob (this is currently the favourite option),

• Tier 3: Our bolts are operated from a high security remote control fob alarm system which has shock sensor and ultra-sonic sensors,

• Tier 4: All the above, plus a tracking system and remote operation from an app on your phone.

Q. How do I buy your system?

A. You can give us a call on 01279 411014, drop us an email on [email protected] or send us a message through our social media sites: Facebook or Instagram

We hope this has answered some of your questions, however if you do want to know anything else we’re always happy to help you.

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