XL Joinery Suffolk Doors – The Original!

Do you get to specify the doors you work with? We all know the better the materials you use, the better the job you will produce. So when your client is looking for internal doors tell them that the quality of the door they choose will have an impact on the job you can turn out, as well as their enjoyment of the door in the years to come. The Suffolk Door Range from XL Joinery comes with a range of price options without the compromise on quality.

In a heavily saturated market with endless choices at varying price points, it’s easy to become blind-sided and simply opt for the cheapest product when purchasing a door for a project. However, here at XL Joinery, we strongly believe in choosing authenticity over imitations, and quality over quantity, which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of our best-selling Suffolk range.

Boasting three new versions, each one varying in style and features, the range includes the Essential, Original and Statement. Our Suffolk doors offer a multitude of qualities and design features, ensuring that there is an option to suit your customer’s budget and preference, whatever it may be.

Suffolk original pair
Suffolk Original Range

Jade Damarell, Brand Manager from XL Joinery, shares her tips and advice on the benefits of using original products, as opposed to poorly-made imitations.

No need to compromise on quality

Since the launch of our original best-selling Suffolk doors, it’s of little surprise that we’ve noticed a lot of imitators in the market. By opting for products that are of lower price points, you are also opting for products that are of lower quality. This not only makes it more difficult when fitting the door, but impact’s the customer’s enjoyment of their home in the long-term.

With each Suffolk door featuring the highest quality of A-Grade oak, combined with up to a 30 year guarantee, there is no longer a need to compromise with substandard hollow core imitations. Offering unrivalled attention to detail, XL Joinery Suffolk doors feature white Oak veneer with deep XL Joinery V grooves and a solid core.

Practicality in performance

Boasting a high standard solid core build, the Suffolk range offers exceptional performance across each of its products. Boasting enhanced heat retention and improved sound insulation, our Suffolk doors lock in both heat and sound.

Pick of the price

It is essential that when offering recommendations to customers, joiners are able to suggest multiple products that fit the client’s aesthetic requirements. By opting for a manufacturer who boasts a tiered range, joiners are able to gain easy access to a wide range of products suitable for various budgets, all from a trusted, experienced supplier.

Ease of fit

It’s no surprise that purchasing a high-quality door can result in a superior fit. We’re always striving to improve our offering, so have introduced a larger 20mm lipping on our Suffolk Original, and launched a solid oak version called the Suffolk Statement to that expectation of quality.

To ensure you have the depth of range to suit your customer’s needs, we also offer the Suffolk Original and Statement in five Colours by XL stains and bespoke sizing.

Charity begins at home

Coinciding with the launch of our Suffolk range, we’re proud to announce our recent partnership with construction industry charity, the Lighthouse Club. The charity is dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to construction workers and their families who have fallen on hard times.

We have also pledged to donate 25p from every sale of our Suffolk Essential doors to offer our support to the charity.

If you want a Suffolk, you need an XL Joinery Suffolk. Find out more information at https://www.xljoinery.co.uk/suffolk

XL Joinery produce over 400,000 doors a year from their purpose built facility in Yorkshire! Read more about them here – https://builderstalkgroup.com/btg-meets-xl-joinery/

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