Van Crime – Is Anywhere Safe?

Van crime is becoming a major problem – the methods that criminals use to gain entry to our vans is bad enough, but the organised and premeditated ways in which they carry out the crimes are frightening. This is something that happened to our very own Ben Croft, about two years ago, the video makes for shocking viewing, the would be thieves used a Tibbe key, easily available online, to gain entry to the van, what unfolded after that was just horrendous. Here is Ben’s account of events that evening;



“I was sitting down, in the living room and the lights flashed on the van. I got up and looked out of the curtain and I saw nothing.

So I went out there to investigate, as I opened the door he shot immediately, without a moments hesitation, if it had been my wife, or one of the kids that had opened the door, it would have hit them.

As soon as the door opened, I got hit in the throat, as I went out a little bit further another whizzed past my head, which is why I’ve got two pellets, I walked back inside, by which time he just slowly walked away, no attempt to run, just slowly walked away.

Police follow up was that they watched the footage, took the two lead pellets and I went into the local station for them to take mug shots of the damage to my throat three days after the event. Nothing else ever came of it, there was no other follow up.”

The account Ben gives is chilling enough but when you see the actions of the thieves, the way the attacker calmly takes his position and waits for the door to be opened – only for them all to walk away from the scene, no rush, no panic, all ridiculously calm and drawing no attention to themselves whatsoever, it is truly horrendous. The consequences for anyone opening that door had the potential to be life changing, yet the thieves walk away like there is nothing to see here.

Van crime and tool theft is getting out of control – the ability to freely purchase the Tibbe key online is only aiding the thieves targeting vans, the police need to be doing more to help innocent tradespeople, like Ben and so many others around the country. Help us to get our voices heard, sign the petition

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