And We Thought Transit’s Were Easy to Open…..

The rise of tool theft from vans is alarming – we see new posts on the groups everyday of yet another tradesperson losing their tools and their livelihood to van thieves. But did you know just how easy some vehicles are to get into? Chris Lefevre didn’t realise either, until he became a victim  of van crime himself, read his account and then watch his video, it ridiculous how easily he breached the van door…….


It had been a normal start to the day, I drove to site, opened the rear of my Citroën Dispatch only to find all my tools were gone. My first reaction was that it had happened overnight, so I drove back home to check my CCTV footage. Nothing, no suspicious activity anywhere near my van. So what had happened?

The small mark, on the cill of the van was the only sign of what had happened.

The previous day, I’d nipped into a local Morrison’s to get something to eat after I’d finished work, I’d missed my lunch and by 3pm I was starving. I left the supermarket, dropped my uncle off and went home. The van must have been emptied in the car park.


I went back to work and checked the van over with my manager – there was the smallest mark, by the sliding door so we got a jimmy bar and gently eased it in between the door and the side panel –in a matter of seconds we were in and we’d gone slowly to avoid any damage being caused to the van. We made the video to show just how easily we got in – people need to be aware of how easy it is.

I’ve since learnt that by removing the light switches inside the rear of the van, you can stop this method of entry, so I’m spreading the word to owners of Citroën Vans to do the same. I’ve shared my video with Citroën, their only response was that they are improving security.



Just from the comments of others to Chris’s video when it was first posted online, we know that the response from Citroën to their customers has been poor. They have commented that their vans meet Thatcham Research guidelines. We don’t think that is good enough, watching Chris’s video we hope you agree, more security is needed AS STANDARD to stop tool theft, this is yet another clear case of van security not being fit for purpose. This van was opened up in broad daylight, with very little effort or damage, completely emptied of tools. This is not right, that so many trades are left so vulnerable to van crime and there seems to be little anyone will do about it.


We have contacted Citroën for a response – we will keep you updated on what they have to say. In the meantime, please, sign the petition – make our government listen – then we can make the manufacturers listen

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