Alan Bridges Gives The Dewalt a Go!

We’ve seen a few people giving the DEWALT 54V XR Flexvolt a run on Plasterers’ Talk Group now, here’s what Alan Bridges though of it……

Ok here’s my proper site review of the Dewalt cordless paddle mixer. The Flexvolt has a decent power output, for me, it could maybe do with a bit more as it starts to mix the adhesive but once it’s going it’s a good drill. The paddle mixer easily mixes 4 bags so for me 1 battery will do a days dabbing using 12 bags. I would prefer some type of guard at the top of the paddle to prevent splashing up but that’s just me liking clean tools. Being cordless there is no need for a generator or leads etc so perfect for site lads in my eyes. Overall I’d give the Dewalt Flexvolt Cordless Paddle Mixer 8/10.


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