Small Fish Toolbox Tips – Complexity Costs – How Do You Avoid It!

Life is complicated. Sometimes more than it needs to be. Do you find your business is becoming more complex? It can cost you time, money and create unnecessary stress, not just for you but for your employees and for your customers. We need to make our life as streamlined as possible, life in the trades is difficult enough!

Our very own tame business coach, Jon Dale, focuses this week on complexity in business, watch his video and if you think he can help you, there is a link at the bottom of the page to book a ten minute chat with him so he can help you streamline your trades business and help it run more smoothly.


What do you think? Has your business become bogged down with too many complex processes? If you want to book a ten minute chat with Jon, to talk about how you can streamline your business and get it running at a more effective level again, click HERE!

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