Born to Work With Wood? Tyler’s Got The Skills to Build!

We are very lucky on Builders’ Talk Group to have some seriously talented tradespeople, who are constantly turning out fabulous work. We see the evidence every single day in their posts to group. But how do they start in the trade? We found out about Tyler after his proud dad posted about his success in his Carpentry Apprenticeship on Builders’ Talk Group. There are many different routes in, as we all know, but this is the story of how Tyler Sheraton has done it!  

“Well, when I was at school I really wanted to be a stock broker but if I’m honest I wasn’t very interested in school at all. I didn’t like sitting down at computers or doing all the written work you have to do at school. So I figured in the long run, stock brokering might not be quite the job for me.

I’d been going into work with my dad since I was young (my cousin has worked with him for the past 11 years as a Carpenter too), just helping him out here and there and making stuff… I loved it!! I knew that I was good with my hands from a young age and I’ve always loved getting hands on. I’ve always really enjoyed working in my dad’s building company being able make so many cool things; I decided that doing a City & Guilds Carpentry Apprenticeship was what I wanted to do. I love working for my dad – he and my mum split up around 8 years ago and it gives me time to spend with him that I haven’t had growing up. I also get to learn about lots of different trades and useful skills at the same time. Another great reason is that I get to work with a variety of people and trades. I can be myself, plus working as part of a team really suits me. Finishing a job and being able to say that you made something is a great feeling.

When I started at South Essex College in November 2016, I was really keen to do well – within 6 months of beginning my day release course I had already finished my Level 1 diploma and by the time everyone was starting their Level 2 diplomas and NVQ’S I had finished mine. This was really helped by the fact that I’d been working on site with my dad’s company, picking up experience as I went meant that I already knew a lot of the techniques we were shown at college.

I’m currently doing my Level 3, 8 months early. We have to build things from drawings, to show we have the skill to be able to read and interpret site plans.

I’m also being entered into the Regional Qualifiers for the CITB Skill Build Competition where apprentices from all the other colleges around my area come together and compete…. My college assessor also nominated me for apprentice of the year, just a few days after he nominated me I had a phone call from the college saying I had won! I am waiting to find out the details for the Award.

My ambition is to start my own company once I’ve got enough experience and do exactly what my dad has done.”

Well, we think Tyler’s story is really impressive, such a hard working and committed young apprentice – just what we need in the trade. It shows what can be achieved if opportunities are made available to youngsters starting out. Keep it up Tyler; we’re sure we will be hearing more about you in the future.  

One thought on “Born to Work With Wood? Tyler’s Got The Skills to Build!

  • John Rollins
    16th April 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Great article, Tyler! Good luck in the future and if you make it to the Skill Build final, please come and see us – we’ve got a stand there.

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