Simply Stairs: The Definitive Handbook for Stair Builders

Stair building: the most fascinating, interesting, and rewarding area of our trade.  It’s an opinion I’ve held since early in my career in carpentry and joinery.  The problem, though, was always where to find solid, reliable guidance on the design and construction of stairs.  Coverage in other books amounted to an entirely inadequate single chapter – one chapter on stairs is simply not enough!


In writing Simply Stairs my aim has been to create not a book useful only for the duration of a vocational course, but a manual whose detailed guidance can be referred to throughout a working life.  Six stair types are demonstrated with a whole chapter devoted to each; every single stage of construction is photographed, making the process simple to follow.  Other chapters focus on: Railings; Repairing Stairs; Staircase Calculations; Special Features; and much more, all profusely illustrated with more than 700 high quality photographs and nearly 200 drawings.


Special features include the ‘Rise & Going Calculator’, a colourful, easy-to-read chart which aids stair calculations by eliminating the need for geometry and trigonometry.   Detailed illustrations together with a relaxed and informal writing style will reassure, increase confidence, and provide inspiration.  My philosophy is one of methodical working, checking and double-checking, and avoiding pitfalls and the possibility of making mistakes, and has been gained during twenty-five years of stair building, both at home and in North America.  A 5-star rated Amazon #1 best seller, Simply Stairs invites and encourages you to share this philosophy, allowing you to reap the rewards of producing strong, well-designed stairs which fit beautifully in their intended location.


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