Nela Flex – Can it convert Derek???

I started work in the plastering trade when I was 12  years old, nights and weekends with my dad. That was 40 years ago.


Never used anything other than a regular steel float and doesn’t seem that long ago that I upgraded to a 14″ trowel, it seemed massive at the time. After listening to the youngsters on the Plasterers’ Talk Group discussing these new fangled trowels and plastic blades plus all the new materials, I made some enquiries and was made up when a fellow spread presented me with the Nela Steel Flexi. The first time I used it I knew it was magic – only used it on the last pass but immediately had the wow factor. I used it several times over the following weeks with good results. I tried roughing on with it but that was unsuccessful – it didn’t flatten very well and I had to give the finish a good scraping down to fetch it right. Sadly the trowel started to bend and wouldn’t go back flat, then the plate started leaving and I fixed it back on with silicone, this was after about a month from new so it didn’t last long. I am in the process of acquiring a new blade to fix on and I intend to buy 2 new ones so I can return the favour to my spread mate. This time I will take more care with it!

The end word would be if you haven’t tried one give it a go it’s an amazing tool, I’ve not tried any of the others so I can’t compare.

Derek Dennett,  PTG Member, Cheshire UK.

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