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I’ve been a plasterer all my working life and over the years I’ve worn most things for work. But I’ve always struggled to balance comfort and ease of movement with looking smart and professional! I’ve tried wearing overalls but never got on with them, done the customary jogging bottoms but as we all know they are comfortable but not smart! I’ve tried the general purpose builder’s trousers but they are too rigid for me as a plasterer with little give around the knee and groin area. So back to the comfy but scruffy looking jogging bottoms. Then I was asked to review the Fristads Workwear UK range, having spent my working life feeling either uncomfortable or scruffy, I wasn’t expecting much…….


Then come Fristads Craftsman Jogger Trousers! A sensible cross between joggers and traditional workmen’s trousers. They have loads of give and allow me, as a plasterer, to move and not feel restricted. The traditional waistband keeps them in place so no builders bum like you’d get with joggers either. They are smart and comfortable with plenty of pockets as well as pouches for knee pads, if you need them. They keep their shape really well, even after a few days of wear they aren’t baggy at the knees or around the bum! The wife says they wash really well too. After nearly 30 years in the trade I’ve finally found trousers I like, they work for me in my job and I will buy them.


Fristads Half Zip Long Sleeve T-shirt. In honesty when I first opened the bag and looked inside I thought it’s not going to be warm enough! (Usually I wear a polo shirt with plenty of room in them and I know they keep me warm.) Well I was wrong! They keep you warm alright, they are the comfy to wear and very light. They don’t restrict movement and look smart. A nice touch is the holes on the sleeve ends to pop your thumbs in so the long sleeves don’t rid u

p under fleece or jumper. They also keep their shape really well and again look really smart. As the weather turns really cold they are light and comfortable enough to wear under your polo or t-shirt as a base layer too.



The Fristads Softshell Stretch Jacket is again a smart well fitting and well made jacket. I like the snug fit and warmth of it. It’s got plenty length so it won’t ride up when working, which also helps keep you warm. I’ve often struggled to find a jacket that can keep me warm and still let me work in it without feeling restricted in movement like some of the bulkier jackets, so I’ve usually ended up wearing hoodies. I don’t feel like that in this jacket. They look and feel smart, again with plenty of pockets.


I’ve finally found some smart practical gear that, as a plasterer, I can work in. Not feel restricted – as we all know we need to be able to move without feeling uncomfortable. The Fristads range allows me to do my job, looks the part and makes me feel smart. I would recommend Fristads Workwear as I truly think it’s quality gear, it’s been a game changer for me.


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