Fristads Workwear Range for Women, BTG Reviews!

Ladies, how hard is it to find good, well fitting women’s workwear that fits as it’s supposed to? Is it enough to buy men’s workwear and hope it will be ok. Often the lengths are wrong, the cut doesn’t allow for hips, the waist band is at the wrong height for women, tops aren’t fitted so to fit your chest you end up wearing a huge t-shirt which makes you feel frumpy and uncomfortable. Women want to look professional too, as well as feeling comfortable, after all your image is important when dealing with customers.

We were asked to review the Fristads Workwear UK range of women’s workwear, Lydia from Builders’ Talk Group gave it all a thorough testing! Watch her video to see what she thinks!


The items Lydia tested were;

Crafstman Cotton Trousers for Women

Craftsman Trousers for Women

Acode Heavy Polo Shirt for Women

Acode Windwear Softshell Jacket for Women and finally,

Icon Softshell Jacket

To take a look at the complete Fristads Workwear UK range, for men and women, click here, or read all about them….

2 thoughts on “Fristads Workwear Range for Women, BTG Reviews!

  • Catherine Robertson
    18th November 2018 at 12:13 am

    Love the video Lydia. Certainly be buying the fristas work Wear. Always got jeans on when plastering and not comfy in them. But these look so comfy and especially with being womens work wear it’s hard to find clothes that do fit.

  • Rachael Wallis
    19th November 2018 at 12:11 pm

    Thats good to hear Catherine – most of our products are available as exact equivalents of the mens models but with a feminine fit!

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