Small Fish Toolbox Tips – How To Build a Good Team.

In this series, our tame business coach, Jon Dale, looks at how to build, manage and lead your team. Watch his vlogs, if you like what you see there are links at the end of the series for getting in touch with him.

Episode 1 – Your 5 Step Hiring Process To Attract The Best Tradies to Your Team

How do you hire someone for your team? Do you use a process or a trick to make sure you find the right one? There’s an article about the CEO of Xero who’s using a little gimmick to hire someone. He’s got a point, but you may or may not agree with him. Here are 5 simple steps that might help you in your hiring process.

Episode 2 – How To Lead Your Team Properly.

Often, people neglect this responsibility and it’s easy to do so. You’re busy and setting structure and systems in place may take a bit of an extra load. But, if you don’t do this and get it right, you’ll end up disappointed. So here are 6 steps to do it.

Episode 3 – The Best Way To Manage Your Team Of Tradespeople.

It’s the third episode of looking after your team. We talked about the big picture – leading your team.

Now, let’s talk about the small picture – managing your team. And this includes:

Evaluating your team’s performance, and

Communicating with them on a regular basis.

Here’s why it is important and what happens if you neglect it.

Episode 4 – Having A Good Culture – Is It Necessary In Your Trades Business?

Big businesses talk a lot about having a great culture, so they spend money making sure their employees are happy and motivated to work.

But what about in small businesses like a trade business? Do we have to do the same thing? Spend a lot of money? Probably, not. But investing in building a good culture is a must-do.

Certainly, it’s not just buying a ping-pong table for your team. We’ll show you how to build a good work culture in this short video.

So what do you think? If you’d like to learn more about how Jon can help you grow and scale your trade business you can:

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