Small Fish Toolbox Tips – Price Confidence

How confident are you when a customer queries your quote for being more expensive than your competitors? Can you challenge them to go back to the cheaper ones? Are they comparing ‘like for like’ or just looking at the bottom line? Or are they just trying to get you to knock money off your price? Our ‘tame’ business coach, Jon Dale of Small Fish Business Coaching, looks at the many reasons why you should be confident of your estimating skills.

When Someone Says “Your quote was more expensive”…what do you do?

Here are 7 scenarios that could be happening when someone says this…and how you manage it to potentially win more jobs with a higher margin.

In the last video we discussed scenarios that could be happening when a customer says,

Your quote is expensive.

A lot of you were interested to learn more. So today, we’ll continue the discussion.

Here’s some advice on how to be confident with your pricing so the next time you hear someone say “your quote is expensive” – you won’t feel uncertain anymore.

Watch this video.

Are you proud of the work you do? Let’s continue the discussion on pricing.

In this video, we’re going to show you why it’s important to know your value and how it contributes to setting your price confidently.

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