The Lighthouse Club Construction Charity.

Mental health support and so much more.

I’ve mentioned the Lighthouse Club Charity in the Groups, particularly BTG, with regard to support with Mental Health Issues for people in our industry. They are the only charity that provides financial and emotional support to workers and their families within the construction industry, whether they have suffered an injury, illness or need a helping hand for other reasons. 

Training to support recognising mental health issues.

Next week I’m attending a 2 day Mental Health First Aid (England) course run by them. Hopefully I’ll get an insight into how the Charity works, as well as practical help with supporting people on the groups. The openness seen from members who post about problems with mental health, along with the hundreds who comment on those posts offering support is phenomenal. For us this is an important aspect that needs to be nurtured and encouraged.

The courses form part of the Charity’s ‘Building Mental Health 5 Step Framework.’ Designed to help whether you are already implementing a positive mental health culture within your workplace or have just started out in a bid to raise awareness. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Mental Health First Aider, click on this link – for courses in your area.

Further facts and figures about who the Charity has helped can be found in this link –

Offering support to trades.

Having found the Lighthouse Construction Charity by accident, I thought it was important to pass on how they can help to as many people in the trades as possible. They can be accessed directly by anyone in construction (whether employed or self-employed) simply by phoning their dedicated 24/7 helpline on 0345 605 1956 and speaking to one of their advisors. You don’t have to be referred and they can usually access counselling and support much quicker than your GP.

With a lack of information commonplace in the industry and a culture where men feel they have to ‘man up’ or ‘stay strong’ it’s important that we all know where to get advice and support when we need it. Add to that the fact that many who use are groups are self-employed, so don’t always have a network in place when things get hard and it’s no wonder that suicide within our industry is higher than any other sector. So it goes without saying that anything we can do to spread the word and get help to the people who need it most is a top priority. 

Watch out for more details!

I’m sure there will be plenty of posts over the two days about what it means to be a Mental Health First Aider! Any information or resources I can share with the groups can only benefit us all in recognising how to support those among us who need it! Watch out, posts incoming! Until then, you can read about the experience of a Mental Health First Aider and how he helped prevent a suicide, here.

The Lighthouse Club Construction Charity is a fully approved training organisation (ATO) through the CITB. Their training courses are delivered to a defined and industry agreed training standard. If you are a CITB registered organisation, they can reclaim a levy back on your behalf which can go back towards funding helping families in need. (You may also be able to claim from the CITB training fund to pay for your place on the course!)

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