Small Fish Toolbox Tips – Series: Know Your Numbers.

You’ve seen a few of our ‘Tame’ Business Coach, Jon Dale’s videos by now. This month’s series is about ‘Knowing Your Numbers’ – in other words, understanding the relationship between turnover, profit and loss. Jon has a few good tips to help you. Watch his videos and let him know what you think! There are the usual links at the end to get in touch with him too.

Episode 1 -Why It’s Important To Know Your Numbers!

Do you know your numbers?

I’m making a series of videos about knowing your numbers in your trade business.

Today I’m going to start with what I call the ‘Big Numbers — Revenue and Profit’, and the importance of knowing them.

I understand that numbers can be a bit intimidating, but it’s really not that scary after all.

I’ll illustrate it with this story…

Episode 2 – Lead Indicators.

If you haven’t downloaded the ‘Big Numbers Tracker’ yet, now is the right time because today we’ll walk through the tracker.

We’ll show how tracking your marketing activities and sales leads properly will help your trades business grow bigger.

We’ll also explain why doing your marketing tracking is important through a story about my builder client.

Episode 3 – Understanding Your Business Costs.

Do you know how much your business costs you?

We’ve talked about revenue and profit in episode 1 and your marketing activities in episode 2.

Now, we’ll discuss about the importance of understanding the costs you have in your business.

This is often neglected, but these numbers are very important.

Here are some stories to illustrate this point.

Episode 4 – Profitability.

Are you profitable?

Have you’ve been using the Big Numbers Tracker already?

If you think it will take too much time to complete, and you’d rather spend your time on winning more jobs, I have some reasons to persuade you why you should use it.

Click here to watch the video.

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