Small Fish Toolbox Tips – Look After Yourself!

Can we run our businesses if we don’t pay attention to ourselves? We know in the construction industry, especially when you are self employed, it can be easy to forget what you need to keep working well. In this series BTG’s tame business coach, Jon Dale covers the topic of looking after yourself, so that you can look after your business and your clients as well as the people who work with and for you.

Look After Yourself (Episode 1) – Work Boots

How long do your boots last?
You might be wondering why we asked about your boots.
Well, today’s video is about looking after yourself – because you’re important.
You need to look after yourself because you don’t want to get sick of running your business.
There’s more to life than work and we know that.
So let’s start at the bottom… Your work boots.

Look After Yourself (Episode 2) – The Best Ute For You

Let’s continue the talk about how to look after yourself better.
I’m sure you’ll love the topic because today it’s all about utes.
There’s buzz going around about this new Mercedes X class ute in Australia.
It’s a big muscular-looking ute, but it costs $80,000 too.
Do you think it’s worth it?
Here’s what Jon thinks about it…

Look After Yourself (Episode 3) – Self-Care: Fit Your Mask First

Are you looking after yourself properly?
Let’s use the analogy of: “fit your mask first”.
We’ve heard this a couple of times when we fly on airplanes at the start of safety check to fit our mask first before we help somebody else.
Let’s take it across business.
Our business is dependent on us. We work so hard to make sure it’s working properly.
Often, we end up neglecting our self. We forget that our self needs some attention to.
Are you guilty?
Here’s the truth.

Look After Yourself (Episode 4) – The Importance Of Good Posture

As the owner of your trades business, you’re most likely doing more work at the office than in the field.
What does your office environment look like?
Do you have a desk and proper chair to make you feel comfortable while working on your laptop or computer?
I know it sounds a bit silly to ask but it’s important.
If you wear safety gear on site, you also need to make sure you take the necessary precautions at your office to avoid injury.
Here’s how bad posture could injure you.

We’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves from time to time, in our need to push our business forward, if you feel like Jon could help you get some balance back then book a 10 minute chat with him here – for more of Jon’s help and advice, check out his other Toolbox Tips…..

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