BTG Reviews – Flex Power Tools Cordless Hammer Drill

As you know, we like a good bit of kit here at BTG. So when Flex Power Tools asked us to take a look at their Cordless 18V Hammer Drill, we got Ben Croft on with it!

Watch his review to see what he thought – this review was filmed over lockdown, and Ben employed all the necessary social distancing required to carry out his review!

So, what are the technical details?

  • Electronic Management System (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life and increases efficiency.
  • Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life.
  • Accelerator switch with lock-on function.
  • Electronic quick acting brake
  • Rotation stop for chiselling.
  • Function switch with four functions: drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling, chisel adjustment.
  • Robust gearbox housing made of die-cast aluminium.
  • Non-rotating additional handle with depth stop.
  • Integrated LED lamp with persistence function.
  • LED battery capacity display.
  • All Flex Power Tools have a 3 year warranty.

Fancy winning a Flex Power Tools Hammer Drill featured in Ben’s review? We have 1 unit to give away as well as BTG merchandise, there will be a competition post coming to the Group over on Facebook, click this link to join Builders’ Talk Group on Facebook now.

More about Flex Power Tools.

FLEX are a premium brand German Power Tool Manufacturer and have been trading for almost 100 years.
FLEX invented the first flexible shaft angle grinder featuring an electrical motor that drives a flexible shaft.
In 2013 Flex was purchased by Chervon Ltd, the 7th biggest power tool manufacture in the world. This now gives us the opportunity to access the latest in battery technology, check out Chervon’s other brands here.
More information on the history of FLEX can be found on our website.

Flex Products.

Please see below the four arenas that we specialize in.

Metal treatment.

The FLEX programme for professional metal surface finishing.
FLEX has probably the most extensive range of tools for the metal surface finishing professionals. The range stretches from universal products such as angle and straight grinders through to band and circular saws and to a host of specialties such as burnishing machines and tube belt grinders.

Angle grinders
Straight grinders
Metal surface treatment
Drills and screwdrivers
Safety vacuum cleaners
Measuring technology / Laser
Cordless tools

Renovation and modernization.

The FLEX program for all professional burnishing, renovating and modernizing work.
Whatever the application, preparing bases, chiseling work to remove plaster or masonry, drilling holes for anchoring systems – the precision, dependability and handling of FLEX power tools never fails to impress – from the wall and ceiling sanders through to mixers and mobile vacuum cleaners.

Angle grinders
Wall and ceiling sanders
Sanders for wood / paint / varnish
Hammer drills
Drills and screwdrivers
Renovation and special machines
Safety vacuum cleaners
Measuring technology / Laser
Cordless tools


The FLEX programme for professional paint surface finishing.
Perfect surface quality systems from high-grade tools specially designed for low speeds and high torques. That is why professionals in body shops, garages and car dealers as well as car enthusiasts have full confidence in FLEX. After all, by using our polishers and optimally adapted polishing accessories they are the masters in bringing that degree of care to both paint preparation and paint finishing.

Safety vacuum cleaners
Cordless Polishers

Stone working.

The FLEX programme for professional working of natural and artificial stone.
Stone has its own laws as well as its own peculiarities and sensitivities. This is something known all too well to stone masons, stone sculptors as well as to garden constructors and landscapers. That is why they sand down natural and artificial stone with FLEX machinery and accessories. FLEX sets the standards all the way from wet grinders and stone separators through to bush hammers.

Angle grinders
Hammer drills
Drills and screwdrivers
Safety vacuum cleaners
Measuring technology / laser
Cordless tools

More information can be found at

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