Small Fish Toolbox Tips – Tradie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

We all make mistakes in business that can make us look unprofessional and let’s face it, trades get enough bad press as it is! Our tame business coach, Jon Dale has come up with a series aimed at helping small construction businesses grow and scale, while keeping on top of getting the basics right too, if you didn’t catch his blogs over on the BTG Facebook Group you can catch up on them here…..


Tradie Mistake Number 1: Being A Dodgy Tradie

Who likes unreliable people? Of course, no one does! The first mistake tradies commit is failing to show up. I know that not only tradies do this, most of us who are in business are guilty too. But you can stop this from happening again, here’s how.


Tradie Mistake Number 2: Not Being In Charge Of Your Time
In the last episode, we talked about tradies not showing up to their pre-arranged appointments when they said they would. Or promising to prepare quotes for their customers but then they don’t. It’s a bit disappointing and we can blame it on how they manage their time. They’re very disorganised. There’s only one solution to this.


Tradie Mistake Number 3: Not Being True To Your Word
It’s tradie mistake number 3 – not being true to your word.  This habit damages 2 things: 
– Business opportunities; and 
– Your reputation 
However, this is a common human behaviour. Almost everyone does this from time to time.  Here’s the reason why people do it.


Tradie Mistake Number 4: Not Charging Enough
Today’s topic is the mistake of not charging enough.
It’s easy to make it, particularly if you’re new, small and don’t have any costs. 
It’s the wrong thing to do, here’s why.


So, do you recognise any of those mistakes? Jon can help you start running your business in a way that will avoid you making those mistakes and more. Fancy a chat with Jon to find out how he can help you? Click here for your free 10 minute session with him.

Are you in the trades? Self employed? Jon has regular features on the website aimed at small construction businesses, you can read more here;

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